Roll Model Method

What is the Roll Model Method: The Roll Model Method is a unique system of ball rolling using specially-designed massage therapy balls for self-myofascial release. This simple self-treatment method teaches you to use a variety of grippy, pliable rubber balls to eradicate your aches and pains, and reform your body from the inside out.

About the session: In a private session, you’ll work with Emily to learn rolling techniques tailored to your trouble zones. We’ll use some or all of the different sized Yoga Tune Up balls to create transformation in the soft tissue. Modifications will be made according to your flexibility, pain tolerance and comfort level. We will record videos and notes to make sure this is easy to recreate at home! One-hour sessions are $60, or you can purchase a 5-session package for $270.

General benefits of ball rolling include:

–Relieves aches and pains

–Enhances breathing function

–Increases mobility and energy levels

–Reduces stress

–Improves posture/performance.

Why we offer it:

–Furthers Empower Massage Therapy’s mission to help clients deepen their knowledge of, connection to, and respect for their bodies.

–Complements, enhances and extends the effects of a massage therapy session

–Offers an affordable and sustainable alternative to massage therapy, for those who cannot make the financial commitment to regular massage

Buying vs. Borrowing Yoga Tune Up Balls: If you book a session, you can borrow the therapy balls that we have at the office. You’re also welcome to purchase your own at the office or online on the Yoga Tune Up website, Yoga Outlet, or Amazon.

For more information: Contact Emily or check out

To Book a Session: Email or call Emily at or (207) 370-0573. Ball rolling sessions cannot be booked online.