Embodiment Coaching

Learn to listen and connect more deeply to your body. 

Stress is inevitable, but the way you cope with it is up to you. Your embodied state (postures, tone of voice, level of ease/tension) impacts how you show up in the world, and it directly affects your relationships, sense of self, and general ease. Emily’s mindful body coaching sessions are a space for you to reflect on stressors in your life, tune into how your body senses that stress, and build a toolbox of touch, breath, postural, and mindfulness techniques to shift your embodied state from the inside out!

Emily has helped clients navigate a range of issues including:

  • Eating disorders & body image issues
  • Managing anxiety in real world settings
  • Maintaining sense of self in relationships
  • Self-care in stressful careers
  • Embodying empathy for healthy leadership
  • and more!    

In our one-on-one sessions you will:

  • Discuss sources of stress in your life
  • Use mindful sensing & body awareness to tune into how your body is reacting to this stress 
  • Learn self-soothing touch techniques to relax the nervous system
  • Learn postural, movement and mindfulness techniques to self-regulate and shift your embodied state
  • Build a personalized toolbox of techniques to navigate stress in a more relaxed, resilient, and embodied way. 
  • Explore techniques from the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Method, traditional bodywork, Yoga Tune Up, Alexander Technique, and more…

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“Emily has the kind of personality you dream of getting in a therapist when you make the decision to see one. She listens intently, she cares about what you want and how you respond to her. As a client, I’m looking for a quality person that can do quality work; you don’t always manage to find both in the same therapist. You do with Emily” 


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