Consulting Services

Our consulting services are designed for professionals who want to strengthen embodied literacy within their workplace to support the healthy development of clients, students or employees. Emily will listen, help identify gaps and needs, and guide you in building a toolbox of strategies to integrate into your professional or personal setting. Sessions are 30 minutes long and cost $50 per session.

What is embodied literacy? Embodied literacy is the competency or knowledge of our body’s non-verbal signals. It requires attuning to our internal sensory experience and becoming aware of how our internal experience is impacted by stimuli in our external world. Once we have built awareness, we can mediate the cycle using simple, practical self-regulation tools, including subtle sensory, proprioceptive, and visual techniques. Embodied literacy can help us to stay calm amidst stressful stimuli, set healthy boundaries, communicate with clarity, and avoid burnout and overwhelm.

In my work as a clinical psychologist who specializes in trauma, I encounter, on a daily basis, patients who had to sever the link between their cognitive and their emotional world in order to survive their terrifying ordeal(s). Consultation with Emily had provided me with tools to reach the patients most resistant to cognitive treatment approaches.  She was an insightful, empathic, and knowledgeable consultant who really attuned to my patients’ needs and actively worked with me to co-discover the tools most appropriate for me. The embodiment techniques she had suggested was very effective in helping my patients access their emotional world through a different avenue, a somatic avenue. 

Alex Wang, Ph.D

Clinical Psychologist