I am SO excited to invite you to the Empowered Body Expo: a celebration of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week! We’ll be celebrating this event on Saturday, March 2nd, 2-5pm, at USM’s Wishcamper Center, 34 Bedford Street in Portland. 

The Empowered Body Expo is about embracing body diversity and creating a safe, positive and creative environment to explore body awareness and build self-compassion.  From local resources and body-positive activities to workshops led by local professionals—this event is FREE and welcomes anyone who is committed to changing the conversation around food and body image!

Those of you who know my personal story know that recovery from an eating disorder was my inspiration for becoming a bodyworker. I’ve worked hard to organize this event, in collaboration with the Eating Disorder Association of Maine and the Recovery Oriented Campus Center at USM. Please visit our event Facebook page for more information. I would LOVE to see you there!