It took me a while before I realized that multitasking isn’t productive and generally causes more harm than good. Like when I try to cook and talk on the phone at the same time… ? The serratus anterior is capable of multitasking. It is a muscle that spreads out across the rib cage in multiple directions and acts in multiple ways. Although it can stabilize the shoulder AND assist in chest breathing, doing these two things at once can overwork the muscle and cause pain around the shoulder and thoracic ribs. So when it comes to any movements that require shoulder stabilization (anything from throwing a ball to lifting your toddler into the car) breathe through your belly instead of higher up in your chest to allow the serratus to focus on shoulder stability.
*Fyi: I used a combo of neurokinetic therapy and myofascial techniques to isolate and relieve the overworking serratus muscles in the examples given.